Why Did I Join Truly Rich Club?

Last March 2009, my wife and I attended the financial seminar of brother Bo Sanchez in Valle Verde. It was the first ever financial seminar that my wife and I attended. Hopeful and attentive, we tried our best to get as much as we could.

In the course of the 2-day intensive seminar, we were introduced to his mentors who were expert on different areas of investing.

The guest speakers were different mentors of brother Bo who were experts in their chosen field.

Larry Gamboa talked about real estate. Juanes Barredo and Edward Lee, the owner of Citiseconline, opened our minds on the stock market. Ronnie talked about entrepreneurship.

Real estate is quite foreign to us. The learning curve is steep and we don’t find it attractive (maybe in the future, who knows). Entrepreneurship is cool but since that time we have already our small family business, the idea of starting a new one is not really enticing. So far, we are contented with our family business.

But the stock market… It looks very attractive!

Few weeks after that, we open our Citiseconline account to get our hands wet doing online trading in the Philippine stock market. I read as much as I could about stock trading and investing. It was fun!

Join Truly Rich Club

Reality Bites


At first it was indeed fun. It is cool to be a stock investor, isn’t it?

But when reality sets in, the truth hurts.

Masakit pala ang katotohanan.

Stocks Go Down

I am losing in my stock investments. It is like a roller coaster ride. At times, I feel high seeing my portfolio turns green (earning money). On other days, I feel sad seeing my stock portfolio going red (losing money).

I thought that with all the books and stock tools I am using, I am smarter than most of the investor in the Philippines. But it seems that even though I am spending more and more time reading the stock news and doing different stock analysis, my efforts were not bearing fruits.

I decided to sell off all of my portfolio, get all my cash from the stock market and cut my loses short. I said I will never get back to stock investing again. I don’t want to waste my time on the stock market and lose my money on the process.

Bye bye stock market!

Knock knock, Who’s There?


I am a regular subscriber to BoSanchez.ph newsletter. I love his articles about life, God, family and finances.

I know that time that he has a financial club, Truly Rich Club.  All I know that time is that, this membership club sends out wealth strategies and stock updates regularly.

He said that Edward Lee, the genius behind Citiseconline, is his stock investment mentor.

I was skeptical at first. Didn’t I said that I close my doors to stock market? I don’t want to waste my time again and lose money on the stock market.

But then something within me gives me a silent nudge to give this membership a try. I read the free e-book he is giving away, “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market”.

(Note: You can get a your own free copy of “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market”. Just click this link to get your FREE copy).

I like the stock strategy that he is talking about. It begins to make sense to me. What I was doing was stock trading and not stock investing. Transaction fees are eating away my capital. I was not following a system few years back and that alone explains why I was losing in my stocks.

Emotional trading (the highs and lows I feel as I see the stock chart goes up and down) costs a lot of money from my pocket.

I Joined Truly Rich Club Tentatively


I decided to join truly rich club and get the gold membership. It costs around P497 per month for Philippine residents. I reasoned out that since brother Bo is using most of his income into his outreach ministry, I’ll try to join for few months and see if it really works.

I will just consider my payment as my own personal donation to his ministry.

In early 2011, I became a proud member of the investment club.

Blessed to Join Truly Rich Club

I could not deny that I joined the truly rich club mainly because of the stock update I am getting from brother Bo and Mike Vinas. And true to its promise, I got what I paid for.

But there are other things that are worth mentioning.

1) I get to download his audio recordings monthly. His talks cover mostly about success, wealth, finances, investments, using your money to serve God, life and family.  What I do is burn it into a blank CD. My wife and I plays it on our car especially if we go on long drives.

2) It inspires me to love God more. Yes, preparing for a good future is part of being a responsible husband. But to put all things in the proper perspective… The true purpose of becoming wealthy is to share it and to be generous.

In fact, the term “truly rich” according to brother Bo refers to someone who is rich in every area of his life and not just his finances. You don’t stop from being just rich. Strive to be truly rich.

3) I have met wonderful people in the club. Truly rich club has a social network where you get to know other truly rich club members. These are also people like you who wants to prepare a better future for their family. In this club, friendships are made and even business partnerships are forged.

4) E-books. I love reading. These books have not only informed us. These books have transformed us into a more financially literate persons. Yes, we want to be millionaires for God.

There are other things worth mentioning….

Going back to the stock market, how is my portfolio doing?

Well, I am really proud to say that I am a changed investor now. I don’t do stock trading. I do stock investing. Since 2011 up to the present, despite of the ups and downs of Philippine Stock Market (PSE), I am proud to say that following the system of truly rich club, I earned 53% on my stock portfolio.

For example the total money investment in the portfolio is 100,000 the earnings is around 53,000. Where in the world could I find something like that. Fast forward, I am sold out for Truly Rich Club.

I believe that if people will just follow the system, they will face their retirement years with smile and anticipation knowing that what awaits them is a life of simple abundance.

Thanks be to God! Blessings indeed!

If you want to know more about truly rich club, you can read my honest and comprehensive Truly Rich Club review.

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