Top 5 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe from Truly Rich Club

I have been a member of Truly Rich Club since 2011. Bo Sanchez and his team in TRC has helped me grew my stock portfolio to about 200% in the past years.

I have experienced and seen the result first – hand in my stock portfolio. That’s why I highly recommend it to my friends and love ones. I had been promoting TRC to everyone since 2014.

Unfortunately, not all of the members stay. Some unsubscribe from Truly Rich Club along the road.

I have asked a few of them and here are the top 5 reasons why they decided to unsubscribe from Truly Rich Club.

1) Financial setback Causing Budget Constraint

financial constraint
TRC gold membership cost around 497.00 per month. Some of those who decided to leave TRC do so after some financial setbacks like losing their job, sickness in the family, and supporting a siblings who is now going to college. However, the good news is that most of them wanted to reactivate their membership once their financial issues are resolved.

2) Going on their own to save on subscription fees

save money
After being with the TRC for few years and experiencing some success in the stock market, some of the members decided to go on their own. Magsarili, ika nga. Their logic is that, they know what to do. They want to save in the monthly fees so they rather add the monthly fees into their stock portfolio.

On one hand, their decision seems logical.
Kung pwede ka naman makatipid at alam mo na ang gagawin mo bakit nga ba hindi.

However, here is the problem I see on the situation.
How sure are they that they can profit in the stock market after they unsubscribe from Truly Rich Club?

Do they have the knowledge and expertise of the TRC team?
Do they have the time and resources of the TRC team to follow the news and trends?

Paano na ang gagawin nila kung bigla na lang mag dive ang stocks and they begin to lose all that they have accumulated?

If you ask me, mas gusto ko na sigurado. Never mind the monthly fees.
It is too small amount to save for such a big risk.

You see I am an entrepreneur.
I don’t mind paying for P497.00 if in the process I will earn P1,000 pesos or more.

Si Manny Pacquiao nga kahit gaano siya kagaling mag boxing, may Coach Roach.
Ako naman, I have TRC team in my investment corner. 🙂

3) Wrong Expectation

wrong way
Brother Bo mentioned of receiving an email from one of TRC members.
“I am cancelling my Truly Rich Club membership. I did not see any profits in the past 3 months.”

Stock market is a long term game.
You will begin to see significant earnings in the span of 2 to 3 years as in my case.

It depends on what time did you start investing in the stocks.

I started investing when the stock market was in the consolidation mode (going sideways) in 2011.
So for the first 8 months I did not see any significant earnings.
I just keep on investing.

But when the stocks start to move out, wow!
My stock portfolio also moves up to the sky!

So if you invest in the stock market and join the TRC, commit for a long time.

4) Lack of Focus

lack of focus
TRC promotes strategic averaging method.
It is a modified cost averaging method which encourages you to be a long term investor.

So as a TRC member, I only visit my stock portfolio once a month or whenever I receive an email alert from the TRC team that I need to buy or sell something.

That’s it. Walang action. Boring!

However, if you visit the stock forums, you can hear people sharing their short term trading prowess using technical analysis (using stock charts and graphs).

Pagbabasahin mo ang kanilang mga sinusulat para bang napag – iwanan ka na….

“I bought X shares of this company. I sold it also after 1 day. I earned X thousands.”

Exciting di ba?
If you are not careful mapapaisip ka tuloy. Siguro kung susundin ko ang sinasabi nito baka mas malaki pa ang kikitain ko at saka mas exciting laging may binibili at binibenta.

So some unsubscribe from Truly Rich Club because they want to do short term trading.

But if you come to think of it, who is the richest and the best stock investor of all times?
Warren Buffet.

How does he invest in stock market?

Any question? 🙂

5) Lack of Patience

Stock investment is a long term game. You don’t invest today and expect see your money double within a month. That is how stocks work and that is how any normal investment works. In stock investment, patience is indeed a virtue.

So they quit before they start seeing results.

Tuloy tuloy lang. You will be surprised how time flies and how fast your stock portfolio grows.

If you have question, comments or clarifications about stock market or Truly Rich Club, just add it in the comment section below. I’ll do my best to answer you.