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Sometimes, the best way to find out whether a product is good or not is by taking feedback from actual members.

Although, I am a member of truly rich club and I created an article doing a truly rich club review, it would be better if we get actual feedback from several users. I compiled some of the truly rich club feedback from its customers to make it easier for you to decide whether this is for you or not.


Here is what Other People Say About Truly Rich Club


I used to find the stock market very confusing, scary and complicated. But thanks to Truly Rich Club, I am now very confident all the time whenever I invest a portion of my monthly income in the stock market using the SAM strategy. More importantly, Truly Rich Club helps me get closer to God!

Nikko S.
AB, Canada


From Poverty mindset into a Truly Rich mindset. Thank you to the Truly Rich Club, I’ll retire Young and Happy millionaire.

Koi Diaz
OFW, Italy

Thank you TRC for teaching us how to secure our daughter’s future through stocks investment.

Marites P. Rojas
Internal Auditor

Being a Truly Rich Club member gives me and my husband the confidence that we will retire as young millionaires and will soon go back to the Philippines to be with our family for good.

Allan & Janet
OFW, IT Consultant Singapore

I was raised to be prudent in my finances & careful with whom I associate with. Thus far, Bro. Bo’s Truly Rich Club is one I’m happy to be part of and is of the very few whom I confidently can count on for stock market and life advice.

Allan Ngo

Thanks to the Truly Rich Club’s superb stocks updates, I was able to grow my investments by an average of 20%.

Argel Tiburcio
Personal finance advocate

Growing old together will be easier for us- big thank you TrulyRichClub for opening our eyes to Financial Freedom, on the road on taking one egg basket at a time for our passive income in the years to come.

Rochelle & Jermain
OFW Nurses,UAE

With Truly Rich Club, I enjoy the true blessings of my family, friends, faith, health, finances and my job.

Maj. Dee
Phil. Air Force

We are family member of TRC based in Doha, Qatar. TRC had continuously improved our financial strategies, outlook in life and our relationships. TRC guided us in investing and earning our 1st One (1) Million pesos in 17 months at 21% gain in stocks. Maraming salamat TRC.

Noel & Minda Hernandez
Doha, Qatar

I already earn passive income in my 20’s and I also teach other people how to do this. The Stocks Update and Wealth Strategies are my guides to achieve my financial goals. These are blessings! Thank you very much TrulyRichClub for the inspiration and practical wisdom!

Kein Chito
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Thank you Truly Rich Club! You got me PEACE OF MIND. I have discovered a TREASURE that I can pass on to my next generation to come – BUILDING A FAMILY WITH HAPY MULTI-MILLIONAIRES.

Nelsa M. Rosales
Author, Speaker and Office Manager, Cebu

Truly Rich Club taught me how to invest in the stock market back in November 2010. My P24,000 grew to P300,000 in just 3.5 years. Now I am sharing my experience to my friends. Investing is fun & doable!

Rona Bartolini
I.T. Quality Analyst

Through the guidance of Truly Rich Club, I started investing in the stock market and my investments helped me make my dream of travelling to Europe come true.

Sha Nacino
Writer & Speaker

With the help of TrulyRichClub we can now invest in the stock market and still have time for the kids.

Pao and Xand Abadesco
Super Parents

Spenders-turned-investors, now achieving our First l Million in the Stock Market in just THREE years! With now things in order, our family is happier with good relationships maintained. God is Generous. Life is Great. With TrulyRichClub, there is Hope!

Chris & Anna
Business Owner Canada

Courage and Knowledge is what TrulyRichClub gave me! Thanks for the guidance of the stocks update, I am now regularly investing on the companies recommended by SAM and I’m pretty sure to retire a millionaire!

Sales & Mktg , QC

Being a member of the Truly Rich Club is life changing. I would say it’s the best thing I’ve ever learned in my 29 years. The only regret I have is why I did not take it seriously for years when I’ve heard about Truly Rich Club the first time. I can’t believe I delayed myself from becoming a mutimillionaire. Thank God I am now sure that I’m on the right direction and confident that I will be a multimillionaire in few years and will be able to help more people change their lives just like I did.

Registered Nurse, New Zealand

I am an OFW and my simple dream is to be with my family. But I need to be financially abundant to support them. TrulyRichClub is helping me achieve my dreams. It gave me hope that I can do it!

OFW, Dubai

I was raised with an employee’s mindset. Thru the club wealth strategies, the spirit of being an entrepreneur inside of me was rekindled. Today, I am juggling between being an employee and entrepreneur but in 10-15 years’ time I will be a full time entrepreneur.

OFW Engineer, Qatar

Thank You TRULY RICH CLUB for teaching me how to achieve my financial goals early thru investing in the stock market, direct and indirect investment. I am happy to be a member of the Truly Rich Club, because I have a Peace of mind that we are financially free when I retire. Being a member now I know that I am not rich person, I am Truly Rich Person Now! In Jesus name.

Frederick “Aye” Buncayo Ferrer

It does not matter how slowly you can go as long as you don’t stop.’ Truly Rich Club taught me that. Like Marathon my investment journey was painful and boring yet I did not stop. Now, I’m making new Personal Records both financially and physically.

Jason Barrientos
Runner, Philippines

Through the guidance of truly Rich Club, our investments have multiplied over the years. From having zero savings back in 2010, we now have several stock investment accounts will COL Financial and Sunlife of Canada. The future, particularly our kids, looks so much brighter coz we know we will all retire as multi-millionaires. Thanks to Truly Rich Club for keeping its promise to provide us with Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the same time.

JMJ Family

Thanks to TrulyRichClub for expanding my perspective on becoming wealthy with my purpose. I am surely on the road in becoming a Lifeaholic Millionaire Missionary. Through the lessons and wisdom from the newsletters, being part of TRC is truly a life changing decision.

Junior Buyer, Dubai UAE

Thank you TrulyRichClub for teaching and guiding us on how to invest wisely in Stock Market. I learned a lot on how to make our money works for us. This September 2014 is our first year of stock investing and I can see how my money grows rapidly. TrulyRichClub really helps us not to worry on our early retirement and financial needs of our children education someday.

Morata Family

Thanks to the Truly Rich Club, me and my husband were introduced to a money making machinge, the Stock Market! Our financial mindset used to be confined with having a bank-savings account. Now, through the recommendation in the Newsletterof the TrulyRichClub, we have earned about 17% of our capital in less than a year of investing. We can’t possibly earn that through the bank. We feel we have a brighter future ahead of us and we have tremendously learned about making our every peso count! Bro. Bo has truly been an inspiration to us- he taught us how to make money for our son’s college education, our retirement and for helping more people. It was the best decision we made last year!

Young Family

Thanks TrulyRichClub for teaching me how to invest in the Stock Market. Now I’m sure I’ll retire as a multi-millionaire.

OFW Nurse, Saudi


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I created a comprehensive and honest Truly Rich Club review to help you decide whether TRC is for you or not.

And if it’s not enough, you can join Truly Rich Club and see for yourself whether it is for you or not. They offer a 30-day refund policy. You can ask for refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied. No questions asked.

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