TRC Stock Update Review – Get Your Stock Analysis in A Box

I got this infographics from the internet, entitled “Every minute of the day.” I’m not sure with you but going through the infographics and trying to imagine what happens in 1 minute is enough to make me dizzy.

Parang gusto kung sumigaw, help!

Nalulunod ako sa sobrang dami ng information….


information overload


No wonder studying and learning stock market investing can cause information overload. Sobrang dami ng mga tutorial. Sobrang dami ng mga nag stock analysis. Iba iba pa ang mga sinasabi.

Sabi pa nga sa isang joke, “Opinion is like an armpit. Everybody has one and it stinks.”

The most costly mistake you can ever make is to learn about stock market from someone who never profit from the stocks. True, it could be a free advice. But if it is a wrong one, it can cost you sleepless nights. It can cost you some wasted money.

This is what I like with stock update. It is short, simple, easy to understand and easy to follow. And the best part, based on its past performance, it works.

You can check its past performance here.

What is a TRC Stock Update?


Stock Update

The heart of Truly Rich Club is the Stock Update. If there is one thing, I love about TRC, this is it.

Inside the stock update you will see a SAM Table (Strategic Averaging Method) Table.

Below is a sample stock update:

How does the SAM TAble Look Like?


Please DO NOT follow this stock update. This is NOT updated.

SAM Table contains the following:

  • Stock – What company to buy
  • Current Price – This is the price of the stock in the market on that day. Note: Stock update table is updated daily. Double check the actual price of the stocks at the time of your buying or selling.
  • Buy Below Price – You only buy the stocks when the market price is lower that buy below price. When the actual price is lower than buy below, it means stock is cheap and it is a perfect time to buy.
  • Target Price – Sell your stocks when it reaches the target price. Stock price equal or higher than target price is a good time for you to sell that stock
  • Expected growth is computed based on current price and target price. Computed as (Target Price – Current Price) / Current Price
  • Action to Take – This is the recommended action for the stocks. It could either be Hold, Continue Buying, Stop Buying.

The good thing about the stock update, it has a section that contains an explanation from COL Financial stock analyst why those companies are recommended. You don’t need to follow the table blindly. It has logical and financial reasons.

In the first part of the stock update, you will get insights from brother Bo to remind you, inspire you, encourage you and educate you.

On a side note: There was a time for more than 6 months when the stock market was stagnant. My stock portfolio are colored red. Personally, I find the insights from brother Bo inspiring especially during this slow times. I keep on investing and keep on following the system. Then it happens. The stock market starts moving and I see my stock portfolio going up and turning positive.

That’s what a mentor can do for you. They have been in your shoes. They know what to tell you – things that you needed to hear at the time when you need it most.

How do you get Stock Update?


The Stocks Update is delivered twice a month as a downloadable PDF via email. I look forward to receive stock update every time. And I created a special folder where I file all of the past stock updates. They can become handy when you need a reference.

The SAM table that you see above is available inside the password protected Truly Rich Club site. They are updated daily.

Email Alert

There are times when brother BO sends out a stock advisory fast. They tell you when one of your stocks hit the target price and tell you to sell immediately. There are times when brother Bo would ask you to continue holding on your stocks even if the target price is reached since they see a potential for the stocks to go up more. There also times when brother Bo would send out an email alert telling you to sold half of your portfolio since the market has a tendency to go down due to massive selling by foreign investors to cash out their profit in the stock market.

I love this email alert feature as well.

Below is a sample. This was sent to me last Feb 16, 2015.

NOTE: Please DO NOT follow this email alert. This is not updated and not true in the current time.


How to Invest in Stocks Using the SAM Table?


Invest in small chunks and invest regularly. 

Invest comfortable amounts regularly. You can go for weekly, monthly, quarterly or every six months. I recommend monthly.

Don’t invest big chunks of money all at one go.

Invest in small chunks regularly to take advantage of buying at low prices as stocks go down. In other words, invest small amounts to get good average prices overtime. This is known as cost averaging.

The rule of thumb from brother Bo.
If your money is smaller than P300,000, divide your money into six parts, and invest each part for the next six months.
On the other hand, if your money is more than P300,000, divide it into 12 parts and invest each part regularly.

Buy only when prices are lower than Buy Below prices.

When it is time for you to buy (remember you are investing regularly), check the SAM table. As long as the price of that particular stock remains lower than Buy Below Price, we continue to buy regularly (every month, every quarter, or every week).

Stop buying when prices go beyond our Buy Below price

When it is time for you to buy and upon checking the SAM stocks, you see that the current price is higher that Buy Below Price, stop buying.

However, if the prices of our SAM stocks go back lower than our Buy Below Price this is a good time to start buying again.

Wait for the Target Price. Sell when the Target Price is hit.

As soon as the market price of our SAM stock hits or gets close to our Target Price, we sell. This is the time when we will cash out our gain. But don’t withdraw it yet and start spending…. There is another step.

Reinvest your cash from sales and dividends to other SAM stocks.

Use the money you made from selling a SAM stock at our Target Price and reinvest it, buying shares of our other SAM stocks that are still priced below our Buy Below Price.

You also do this for stock dividends. Dividends are cash (or stocks) given by the company to its share holders as a way of profit – sharing.

By doing this, you’re compounding your previous profit with the potential profit you’ll be making
with this new SAM investment. It’s like rolling-over a time deposit in the bank.

You do this long-term—for 10 years or even more!

Are you IN?


Stock update is one of the best stock market tool available for Pinoys. If you use it well and use it as soon as possible, you will be on your way to retire as a multi-millionaire.

Remember, what you get in stocks as return is a function of two things:

1) Strategy – The better is your strategy, the higher is your income.

2) Time – The earlier you start investing, the bigger is the amount you get upon retirement.

Your strategy?

Do the SAM using the TRC Stock Update.

When is the best time to start investing in stocks? Yesterday.

The longer you delay, the more interest you miss.

The Moment of Truth

You are now equipped with the right STRATEGY to take advantage of the STOCKS UPDATE. But there is one more crucial ingredient that is often neglected…

“Are You Acting on What You Know?”

You may have the strategy and the ability to access the information. But should you fail to act on it, it is all for nothing.


The ball is in your court. I highly encourage you to take a closer look at it by joining the Truly Rich Club. Take advantage of the one month money-back guarantee. Download everything you can on the first month, if you’re not satisfied, you can ask for a refund and keep everything you downloaded.

Got questions, suggestions, recommendations or want to share your experience with Truly Rich Club? Just add them on the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer them.