Top 10 Accredited Online Philippine Stock Broker

So you figured out that you want to join your friends in investing in the stock market. With all excitement, you opened the Philippine Stock Exchange website and started looking for possible company stocks you want to purchase. Finally, you have chosen few company shares to buy.

But then you encounter a big problem!

You found out that you can’t just go to Makati or Ortigas to buy directly from the Philippine Stock Market Exchange the company stock shares you want. You will need to open an account with an accredited Philippine stock broker.

Which online stock broker will you choose?

Stock Broker

Below are the top 10 accredited online Philippine stock brokers you can choose from.

I arrange them in alphabetical order. Personally, I use COL financial (which is used to be called Citiseconline). Citiseconline is a preferred broker for truly rich club members.

I have been using it since my first stock investment transaction and until this day, I like their service.

Aside from the fact that COL financial is easy to navigate, it has also a section containing technical and fundamental analysis of different companies in the stock market. COL financial also gives free seminar on stock investing. But if you want to go with another broker, you can choose any of the online stock broker below.

BPI trade is also a good stock broker to go.


Broker Website Minimum Deposit to start an account
AB Capital Securities, Inc. P10,000
Abacus Securities Corporation P10,000
Accord Capital Equities Corporation P5,000
Angping & Associates Securities, Inc. P5,000
BPI Securities Corporation tied to BPI account
COL Financial Group, Inc. P5,000
F. Yap Securities, Inc. P25,000
First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation P25,000 for new clients
RCBC Securities, Inc. n.a.
Wealth Securities, Inc. P10,000


How to open an account with COL financial


If you are wondering, how to open in COL financial, I uploaded a short pdf file giving you step-by-step instruction on the requirements and steps to open an account with them. Click here to download.

The pdf file covers the following topics and even more.

1) Different types of COL financial account – COL starter, COL plus and COL Premium

2) Link to downloadable online application forms

3) Requirement  to open COL account – ex. government ID and proof of billing

4) What to do if you are an OFW?

5) How do you open an account with COL financial if you are working abroad?

6) How to fund you COL financial account from abroad

7) How do you withdraw and many more

Again, you can download your guide to opening a COL account here.


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Stock Broker by Simon Cunningham

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