Review of Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez

Is Truly Rich Club Good or NotI have been a member of Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club (TRC) since 2011. Although I must admit that I am a fan of Truly Rich Club and I think highly of brother Bo (hence I highly recommend TRC to my family and friends), it is far from being perfect.

I’ll do my best to make this review of truly rich club of Bo Sanchez as impartial and as objective as possible.

Who does the stock recommendations for Truly Rich Club?


When I heard about brother Bo Sanchez recommending his Truly Rich Club whose main goal is to help people invest in stocks, my first reaction was….

“Si brother Bo, magtuturo about stocks? Di ba preacher siya? Paano niya ako matuturuan? Alam kaya talaga ni brother Bo ang stocks? Ok kaya talaga itong TRC? Mukhang mahirap naman paniwalaan yan.” 

Well, don’t get me wrong. I like brother Bo. I have met brother Bo in person. I have listened to his talks. I have attended his gathering, The FEAST in CCP. (By the way, I highly recommend you to attend the FEAST). And I like his teachings. I like his preaching. In fact, I own almost all of his books tacked in one corner of my home library.

But despite of the fact, that I like brother Bo, I will not put my hard earned money and sign-up on his program because I am not really sure if he knows about stocks. (I’m just being practical I guess)….

Honestly. if it is brother Bo himself who selects the stocks and create the stock recommendation, I will not join TRC at all! Period. 🙂

Well, I am just glad to find out that the powerhouse behind the TRC – the brain and heart of the TRC – is the team of analyst from COL financial and his stock mentor who is the president of COL financial, Edward Lee.

Edward Lee COL Financial

Edward Lee is a Billionaire (Yes, it is a capital B not an M) who made his fortune in stocks and his businesses. He and his team has been through market ups and downs in the Philippine stock market. They are the ones who do, recommend and put in the figures and the stock recommendation in the SAM table.

Wow! Having these guys in my “stock investment team” for such a small monthly fee is a pure bargain!

They also recommended an investment system which is known by every TRC member as Strategic Averaging Method (SAM).

Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. 🙂

Here is the performance of the past stock recommendations of the Truly Rich Club


Simple and Easy to Follow

Please note however, DO NOT buy these stocks. These are already past recommendations.

Also please note that past performance does not indicate future performance.
Of course, if you ask me, I am a believer that track record is a good gauge of future performance. Well, that is my personal opinion.

D&L Industries (DNL)
February 2013 to April 2014
14 Months
P6.45 to P10.00

June 2013 to April 2014
10 Months
P2,902.00 to P3,260.00

Banco De Oro BDO
April 2013 to August 2014
16 Months
P89.60 to P93.00

Ayala Land ALI
June 2011 to February 2012 (3rd week)
9 Months
P15.09 to P21.65

Nickel Asia NIKL
February 2012 to March 2012 (3rd week)
2 Months
P23.75 to P26.20

Bank of The Philippine Islands BPI
February 2012 to November 2012 (4th week)
10 Months
P68.45 to P91.00

Ayala Corporation AC
October 2012 to December 2012 (2nd week)
2 Months
P440.00 to P520.00

SM Prime Holdings SMPH
February 2012 to December 2012 (1st week)
10 Months
P12.48 to P17.00

Alliance Global AGI
January 2013 to February 2013
1 Month
P17.54 to P20.50

Meralco MER
January 2013 to April 2013
3 Months
P268.00 to P377.00

First Philippine Holdings FPH
June 2011 to June 2013
25 Months
P63.18 to P95.20

JG Summit Holdings JGS
February 12 to October 2013
18 Months
P25.75 to P43.50

What I love about Truly Rich Club

As I have shared with you, I am a stock trader / market timer before I heard about the TRC.

I screen the stock fundamentally… check their profit, balance sheet, revenue, cost and see if the company is financially stable.

I am also a technical analyst.

I look at the stock chart and draw the trend line. See if it is uptrend or downtrend. I note the support price and the resistance price. I also check the pattern.

Yes, I do them all. It is fun. But it is such a time killer!

I could spend the whole night doing it and end up buying a losing stock position. Wasted effort.

TRC is a great time saver.

TRC is a Time Saver

I only spend about 20 minutes per month running my 6 figure stock portfolio.

TRC does all the analysis for you. All the stock screening is done for you. They give you the stocks to buy, at what price and to sell at what price.

I only look at my stock portfolio 2 times a month.

Yes, every time I get my salary, I open the SAM table and buy those stocks which are below the buy below price. In a matter of 10 minutes, I am done. That’s it.

I believe life is so short and precious. We don’t need to slave out and spend them all before the computer analyzing stocks. We ought to have life.

Time we could spend with other more important things like having a date with our love ones, quality time with family, bonding time with friends and the like.

TRC is a great equalizer.


Not every one has the capability to do the stock trend. Not every one has the time to watch each and every stock like a hawk. All these things are done for you by the TRC team.

TRC makes it possible for common people like us – men or women, young or old, rich or poor – those without the time and capability to do the stock analysis – and those without huge amount of money to hire a professional portfolio manager – to invest in stocks.

TRC is a heaven’s blessing for every Filipino to finally open the wealth box available before for chosen few. TRC makes it possible for every Filipino to earn from the stock market.

SAM system is simple yet effective.


Those emails from the TRC team is a life-saver (I mean money – saver).

– Sell now your xxxx shares.

– Stock ABC hit our sell price but hold don’t sell it yet. We believe that it will still go up (and yes it goes up)

– Sell 50% of your stock portfolio. Stocks will go down in the next few months. Then divide it into 6 parts and buy those in the SAM.

Email like these are simple to follow. These are confidence builders when the stock market is down. These are profit maximizers when the stock market is going up.

I could not deny that these emails have helped me earned a total of acummulated 50% earnings from my total capital invested in the stock market.

(Of course, when you join TRC, your case would be different)…..

What I don’t like about Truly Rich Club


sad face

Like any other things in life, I still see some room for improvement.

Customer support – I submitted a ticket about my truly rich club account. It took me 3 days to get a response from their staff. This is definitely a big room for improvement that the staff can do something about. It would be great if the truly rich club team can work on this one.

Same truths, Different angles – I love the power talks from brother Bo. But for some reason, I keep hearing the same major principle discussed on different angles using different stories or applied in different situations. He mentioned about marinating the truth and repetition as mother of learning and mastery.  Well, I can also live with that.  

SAM is boring – I used to be a stock trader. I missed the fun and the high of real time trading. I don’t spend lots of time before the computer anymore doing the real time day trading. But I could not admit although strategic averaging method is boring, it is definitely working.

What You’ll Receive When You Join the Truly Rich Club


Truly Rich Club Membership

As soon as you become a member of truly rich club, you will have a username and password and you will be able to access the truly rich club password protected directory.

Here are the things that you can access in the area:

1) PDF file – Overview of Strategic Averaging Method (SAM)

2) Truly Rich Seminar Recording – This is a 1 hour recording of Bo Sanchez’s seminar based on his book The Secrets of Truly Rich.

3) How to Conquer Your Goliaths – This is an ebook about 7 Ways to Conquer Your Problems that Prevent You from Reaching Your Dream

4) My Maids Invest in the Stock Market – This is also an Ebook about the story of how Bo helped his household helpers to invest in the stock market. The book for me is very inspiring!

5) How to Turn Thought into Things – This is also an Ebook about Using the Law of Harvest to Fulfill the desires of Your Heart.

6) You Can Make Life Beautiful – This ebook is about Discovering the Simple Path to Happiness. Do you feel the information overload? Don’t worry. You are not asked to read them all in one sitting. You can go over each material at your own pace.

If you want to hear Bo Sanchez explaining what truly rich club is all about, click to watch his video.

Stock Update – SAM Table


This is one of the main reason why until now I am still a member of the truly rich club. In the truly rich club, you will get a regular stock update / newsletter. Inside the stock update, is SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) table. See sample SAM table below.

SAM Table Truly Rich Club

Please note that this is not the updated SAM table. Some of the stocks were dropped and some new stocks were introduced in the process. In the SAM table, you get the lists of the recommended stock portfolio. It also indicates current market price, buy below price, target price and action to take. Market price is the price per share of the company stock at the time of writing. As for the buy below price, you only buy the share of the company when the market price is below it. If the market price is higher than the buy below price, you are recommended to hold the purchase. The target price is your trigger signal to sell your stocks. As soon as it hits higher than the target price, you are advised to sell the stocks and reinvest it on your other stocks with prices below the buy below amount. Action to take tells you whether to buy, hold or sell your stock position for the particular company.

Stock Update – Email Alert

Aside from the regular monthly stock update, I also get email alerts from time to time from truly rich club on important announcements and stock directions. For example, below I get the email notification below from truly rich club team that they have adjusted the target price for MER. The initial target price was reached. I am supposed to sell MERALCO stocks then. But I receive a notification to HOLD the stocks for the mean time due to its dividends.

Email Stock Alert

Stock Update – Company Analysis and Economic Indicators

Mike Vinas, stock analysts team member of truly rich club, goes on length explanation why they choose a particular stocks into the TRC portfolio. From time to time, he gives an overview of the company financials, earnings and why they believe that the company is expected to increase in stock value. It is good to know that companies included in the TRC stock portfolio are filtered and analyzed rigidly for stability and growth potential. Below is a sample of the analysis.


Stock Analysis

To start getting your own stock update, join the truly rich club here.

Wealth Strategies Newsletter

Aside from the stock update, I also get a monthly wealth strategy from the truly rich club. Wealth strategies newsletter contains the following sections: 1)  From Bo’s Brain: This is where Bo discusses about wealth mindset, success mindset, goal setting and success principles. 2) Questions about insurance, mutual fund and financial planning – Usually by Paolo Joel 3) Real Estate Investing by Mavin Angeles 4) Interview of Successful People by Sha Nacino

truly rich club wealth strategies

Bo Sanchez – Power Talks

Every month, I also receive several recorded talks of Bo Sanchez in both video and mp3 format. What we do is to burn the mp3 on a blank CD. During our long drives,these CD come in handy. We plug it into our CD player. Thanks to the traffic. We turned our car into mini university.

Interview with  Mentors

We were able to listen to Edward Lee, Larry Gamboa, Bernie Liu and Bernard Marquez. Bernard Marquez is one of the leading mind mapping experts in the Philippines. Bernie Liu is president and CEO of Golden ABC, the mother company of the fashion and lifestyle brand, Penshoppe. Edward Lee is the Chairman and Founder of COL Financial Group Inc, the leading and one of the biggest online stock brokerage in the Philippines. He is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the CWC Group of Companies. He previously served as a Governor of the PSE from 1994 to 1996. He went on to become a member of the board of directors of A. Soriano Corporation (Anscor) serving for two terms (from 1996 to 1997). Larry Gamboa is the man behind the Think Rich Pinoy. He specializes in creative real estate investing with foreclosed properties.

Networking with Other Truly Rich Club Members

One of the unadvertised blessings of the truly rich club is the Bo Social Club. It looks like a Facebook or something similar. It is open only for truly rich club members. You get to interact with other truly rich club members. You also get to hear from resident experts or mentors such as Joey for COL account, Fely and Benj and Lyndon for mutual fund and debt freedom and Burn for stock questions.

Bo Social Club

Truly Rich Club Mastermind Quarterly Meetings (New)

This is another additional  blessings from the TRC. Last April 2014 is the first ever mastermind group meeting for all gold members. Speakers were Jomar Hilario and Marco Victoria, the owner of business daddy. I was not able to attend. But I watched the recording and it was really cool!


What Other TRC Members Say About Truly Rich Club?


Truly Rich Club Feedback

“I used to find the stock market very confusing, scary and complicated. But thanks to Truly Rich Club, I am now very confident all the time whenever I invest a portion of my monthly income in the stock market using the SAM strategy.
More importantly, Truly Rich Club helps me get closer to God!”

Nikko S.
AB, Canada

“From Poverty mindset into a Truly Rich mindset. Thank you to the Truly Rich Club, I’ll retire Young and Happy millionaire.”

Koi Diaz,
OFW, Italy

“Thank you TRC for teaching us how to secure our daughter’s future through stocks investment.”

Marites P. Rojas
Internal Auditor

“Being a Truly Rich Club member gives me and my husband the confidence that we will retire as young millionaires and will soon go back to the Philippines to be with our family for good.”

Allan & Janet
OFW, IT Consultant Singapore

“Thanks to the Truly Rich Club’s superb stocks updates, I was able to grow my investments by an average of 20%.”

Argel Tiburcio
Personal finance advocate

“We are family member of TRC based in Doha, Qatar. TRC had continuously improved our financial strategies, outlook in life and our relationships. TRC guided us in investing and earning our 1st One (1) Million pesos in 17 months at 21% gain in stocks. Maraming salamat TRC.”

Noel & Minda Hernandez
Doha, Qatar

“Growing old together will be easier for us- big thank you TrulyRichClub for opening our eyes to Financial Freedom, on the road on taking one egg basket at a time for our passive income in the years to come.”

Rochelle & Jermain
OFW Nurses,UAE

“Being a member of the Truly Rich Club is life changing. I would say it’s the best thing I’ve ever learned in my 29 years. The only regret I have is why I did not take it seriously for years when I’ve heard about Truly Rich Club the first time. I can’t believe I delayed myself from becoming a mutimillionaire. Thank God I am now sure that I’m on the right direction and confident that I will be a multimillionaire in few years and will be able to help more people change their lives just like I did.”

Registered Nurse, New Zealand

You Can Test Drive Truly Rich Club Today – with No Risk


I don’t want to buy a car without doing a test drive. I just want to be sure that it is really worth the money I get. TRC allows everyone to test drive its stock investing program before they commit to it. If you like, the best way for you to find out if this is for you is to join today. Then check it for 30 days if it is for you. If you are not happy, you can ask for refund before the 30 days is over.

I also prepared a walk through on what is inside TRC. I took a screen shot inside the TRC for you to see what is inside it. You can download the pdf file here and see slide by slide what is inside the membership area.

Conclusion: Review of Truly Rich Club


highly recommended truly rich club

Overall, despite of room for improvements, I consider myself to be blessed being part of the truly rich club.

I highly recommend it to my friends and families. I also highly recommend it to you.

How am I doing in the stock market since I joined the truly rich club way back in 2011?

I earned 53% in my stock portfolio in 3 years time. Of course, my results does not guarantee that you will get the same. Yours might be smaller or bigger. But I want to share is that – it works! It definitely works! 🙂

I expect to see you in the there. And I look forward to welcome you to the truly rich club.

To join truly rich club today, click here. 

Got questions, suggestions, clarifications or any personal experience with Truly Rich Club? Just write them in the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer them.

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