3 Reasons Why Truly Rich Club Work

I was trying to remove one plastic cup from stacks of plastic cups. I tried my best to pull it off but it’s not enough to remove it. So I did a simple trick and I do this all the time.

Using my fingers, I tap around the plastic cup. After doing that,  the plastic cup can be removed easily. Next time you are in the same situation, try it.

Why does it work?

The reason why plastic cup got stuck is because of the vacuum that exists between the two cups. The “pitik – pitik” opens up some spaces where the air can come in. The air causes the vacuum to disappear.

Now here comes Truly Rich Club. Why does truly rich club work?

Here are the 3 reasons why truly rich club work:

1) Depth of Experience

Experienced Mentors

With so many information in the internet,  you can be confused to know which one is truth, which one is false and which one are half-truth. There is no better teacher than experience. Experience teaches you which one is working and which one is not.

The people behind the Truly Rich Program has extensive experience in investing in the Philippine Stock market. COL financial chairman Edward Lee is Bo’s mentor in stocks. Edward Lee has made fortune (millions of pesos in the stock market). He has been through different market up and downs and have survived and thrived in all of them. He has been into stocks in the early 70’s.

2) System


What is the number one culprit of stock investment loses? Emotions. Emotional Investing. System allows you to invest mechanically void with emotion. The ups and downs of the stock prices does not affect your investing decision.

You get the stock update monthly.

What is inside the TRC stock update?

» Stock – Tells you what specific stock to buy.
» Current Price – What the current price as of publishing is. This varies, so you have to check the price prior to buying or selling.
» Buy Below Price – Stop buying the stock when it goes beyond this price
» Target Price – Sell the stock when it reaches this price
» Action to Take – Suggested action based on the current price as of publishing.

After that you do the SAM (strategic averaging method) using the buy below price and sell above price as guide. As long as the price is below the buy below and it is your time to buy, you buy the stocks. Once the price reaches the sell above price, you also sell unless the TRC team sends out an email update to hold the stocks because there is still room for the price to move up.

It is boring. 🙂

But this unemotional investing is the strength of the TRC program.

3) Simple 

Simple and Easy to Follow

Why did Bo’s helper able to invest in stocks using the TRC method (and his driver also)?

Because it is downright simple.

The steps are so easy.

1) Check the stock update.

2) Log in to COL financial portofolio

3) Check the price of the stocks.

4) If it is below buy below price, you buy. If it is above sell above price, you sell.

5) You do it regularly without fail.

4) Bonus

Did I say 3 reasons. 🙂

TRC is not just stock updates and stop tips. It is not just about stock market investing. It is a MENTORSHIP CLUB.


You can check my review of truly rich club for what you get when you become a member.

Other than giving specific investment tips, TRC teaches you on how to have better long-term financial well being. You get to network with other TRC members. You get to earn extra income as affiliate of TRC program.

And here is my take….

What I love about TRC, it teaches me not only to be financially wealthy. It also helps me to be spiritually wealthy.

Are you in? Then I’ll see you in TRC.

Got questions, clarifications, suggestions or comments? Please add them in the comments below. I’ll do my best to help you.

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