Do You Need Truly Rich Club to Invest in Philippine Stock Market?

Join Truly Rich Club or Not


Readers’s Question:

Hi Reynor,

That’s really nice of you to share a vast of knowledge on how to manage our money. I like to join the truly rich club, because i want guidelines on how to invest in the Philippine stock market.

Do I need to join the truly rich club to invest in the Philippine stock market?

I live in Canada and have a little bit of knowledge in investment. I have invested mostly in mutual funds and not quite happy with the returns and the high tax on the gain.

Hope to get some advice from you on what way I can invest also dyan sa atin..

Maraming salamat.




Hi Beth,

Thank you so much for your kind words. Encouragement like this one inspires me to continue what I am currently doing.

To start investing in the Philippine Stock Market, you need a stock broker. You can’t buy or sell your stocks directly in the stock market without a stock broker.

I am using COL Financial.

I have been with them since I started investing way back in 2009 and I am happy with their customer support / service. They have an easy to navigate website and buying and selling stocks online via COL Financial is easy to do.

Truly Rich Club is not a stock broker. It is a stock market mentorship program with its famous stock update newsletter.

Technically speaking, you don’t need to join truly rich club to start investing in the stock market. You just need to have an online account with a stock broker of your choice.

Of course, I highly recommend if your budget will allow you to join truly rich club. They have a top – notch stock market analysis and recommendations.

To know more about truly rich club, you can visit truly rich club review here.


Happy Investing.


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