My Love and Hate Story with the Stock Market

I still remember few years ago when I first attempted to invest in the Philippine stock market.

I got some money in my bank account. I was really frustrated with the interest I get. Just a small 2% then. Natutulog lang ang pera ko. Napakaliit ng interest. So I was looking for some place to put in my extra money.

After searching for different opportunities, I was introduced to stock market.  With my hopes so high, I was excited by the opportunity to make millions in the stocks. I read every book I could find about investing in stocks. I learned as much as I could both in technical and fundamental investing.

We opened our stock broker account with COL Financial to start doing online trading in the Philippine stock market. Finally, stock market here I come.

It would have been cool if I tell you that I was successful in my first try in stocks.  Unfortunately, it was not the case. Hope turned to despair. Despair turned to anger.

Reality Bites


Stocks Go Down

At first it was indeed fun. Ang galing pakinggan di ba na isa kang stock investor. Ano ba ang hobby mo ngayon? Nag iinvest ako sa stocks. Astig!!

But when reality sets in, the truth hurts.

Masakit ang katotohanan.

I am losing in my stock investments. It is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, I feel high seeing some gain in my stocks shares. Pero most of the time, I feel sad and scared seeing my stock portfolio going red and losing money.

I thought that with all the books and stock market technical indicators I am using, I will surely earn from stocks.  I screen the stocks using fundamental analysis and time the market using the techinical analysis. Sophisticated ako eh. Yon pala… yon lang ang akala ko.

Bottom line, I have no stock earnings to show.

It seems that even though I am spending more and more time reading the stock news and doing stock analysis, my efforts were not bearing fruits.

So after few months of hopeless tries and losing money, binaba ko na ang bandera. Surrender time! I decided to sell off all of my stock shares, withdraw all my remaining cash from the stock market and cut my loses short.

Sabi ko sa sarili ko, ayoko ng mag invest sa stocks. Nakakapagod. Nakaka stress at masakit sa bulsa. Sabi ko pa, tama na to bago pa maubos ang pera ko.

I said I will never get back to stock market again.

Bye bye stock market!

Stocks is lovelier the second time around?


I am a regular subscriber to newsletter. I love his articles about life, God, family and finances.

At that time, I heard that he was starting a financial club to help people grow their finances. Curious ako. Maganda kaya yan.

I found out that one of the things being taught in the financial club is about stock market investing. He mentioned about his stock mentor Edward Lee, the billionaire Chinese Filipino who owns COL Financial.

Well, mukhang maganda naman kaso lang medyo na trauma ako sa stock market. Plan ko talaga is huwag ng bumalik at mag invest ulit.

Pero sa hindi ko maipaliwanag na rason, there is something inside me that keeps on nudging me to give this financial club a try. Maybe they have a better way of investing in the stock market. Maybe they know something that I don’t know. Maybe the reason I lose in my first try in stocks is because I am not doing it correctly. Maybe I need a mentor. Maybe I need them.

I also got hold of their free E-book, “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market”. And it makes a lot of sense to me.

But even though I see myself using their investment strategy at kahit na gusto kong mag try ulit sa stock market, hindi pa rin ako nag join agad ng Truly Rich Club.

Matagal ko pang pinag-isipan at pinagdasal bago ako nag decide na i-try ang TRC ni brother Bo. Sabi ko nga sa sarili ko, try ko lang ng ilang buwan, pag hindi maganda, I’ll just cancel my membership.

So finally in 2011, I joined the Truly Rich Club.

I don’t have much expectation then. Sabi ko nga, I just want to try it. Anyway, cancel ko na lang pag pangit.

The Missing Piece in the Puzzle


Missing Piece of Puzzle

3 months after, 6 months after, 1 year after and even until now, I am still a member of Truly Rich Club. =)

In that 4 years I had been a member of the investment club, I earned about 60% of my total stock market capital.

I like the training. I like the stock update. I like the monthly talks of brother Bo. I like the mastermind quarterly sessions of the TRC members…. sabi nga…

And the rest is history….

Why Truly Rich Club Works for Me

Although, TRC is not for everyone, this financial club perfectly fits for me because it is:

  • Simple. With TRC, we are using strategic averaging method (SAM) which is a modified cost averaging. Bagay na bagay ito sa akin kasi busy ako. Using SAM strategy helps me invest in Philippine stock market for as few as 20 minutes per month. Hindi kasi ako pwedeng mag tutok online just to follow my stocks because I have my full time job. SAM perfectly fits my work schedule and helps me invest at the side.
  • Straight forward. TRC stock market newsletter is very easy to follow. It has a list of stocks to buy, at what price to buy and at what price to sell. It has also an explanation why they choose the stocks, why the target price is set to that and on whether to hold or sell the it. Madaling sundin. Hindi nakakalito. It is like handholding you while you are starting your journey to invest in stocks. It has also tutorials about stock investing, mindset of a stock investor, what to do when the stock market prices go down, at marami pang iba.
  •  Holistic Approach. Although, I joined the club to be a better investor in the Philippine stock market, Bo’s monthly talks touches all areas of life – financial mindset, handling and managing finances, better career, business, success, life, relationship, family and God. It helps me improve all areas of my life. I just don’t improve financially. I also grow in my relationships, family, health at iba pa. It also puts money in its proper perspective… That money is just a tool. That money is important but it is meant to bless and serve the world. This is important for me since I want to improve my finances without losing my peace of mind and the peace of my soul.

Overall, TRC has helped me. And that is the reason why, I stayed in TRC for almost 4 years and as long as TRC exists, I will continue to be a member.

As for my stock loses, I was able to get back all the money I lost in my previous investing many times over. Bawing – bawi na. Sobra-sobra pa. =)

TRC is such a blessing.

So what is the takeaway?

Sometimes we are just a mentor away from success. But here is the catch. You need to listen to the right mentors. Those who are successful and at the same time, know how to help you succeed.

Mentors can lessen the learning curve.

TRC offers stock the best mentorship in stock market in the country. Learn stock market from the best.

Got questions, comments, clarifications or suggestions? Just add them in the comments below. I’ll make time to reply to your comments.