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Do you want to invest and earn from the Philippine stock market?

Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Usapang Investment where you get lessons and tools to help you earn from the Stock Market.


Why Should You Listen to Me?

I am not surprise if you feel skeptical, cynical or doubtful.

After all, with so many people claiming to know about Stock Market and giving different conflicting advices, it’s really difficult to identify which ones are the real deal and which one are fake.

Nakakalito di ba? Dagdag mo pa diyan ang napakadaming scams na naglilipana sa ating paligid.


Let Me Tell You a Short Story

I never imagine myself investing in stocks much more creating a stock market tutorial website.

I grew up wanting to be an engineer. I love math, problem – solving, electronics, analysis, logic, reasoning, playing chess and solving puzzles. Yes, I am one.

But way back in 2008, I was introduced to stocks. I heard about people making a killing (“kumikita ng malaki”) at the comfort of their computers. Laptop at internet lang ang katapat.

Sino ba ang ayaw ng extra income lalo na napakaliit ng interest ng bangko?

Gusto ko ring subukan.

Yes, I am aware of other investment vehicles at that time. I heard about mutual fund and variable life insurance. In fact, meron na ako.

But there is something in stocks that really attracts me.

I wanted to be my own fund manager. I wanted to make decisions on where to invest my money, what stocks to buy and what stocks to sell. I want to have more control because I am not comfortable with the fact that someone else like a mutual fund company is doing the investing for me.

Ako na lang, sabi ko nga.

I also know for a fact, that the earnings from the stock market is much better than what I will get from time deposit, bonds or mutual funds.


Hello, Stock Market

To succeed in the stock market, kailangan kong maghanda. Syempre to win the game, I need to learn the rules.

I did my own self-study. I did my own research. I read article and several stock market books.

I don’t have a business or financial background so it’s entirely new to me. Maraming bagong terms. Maraming bagong concepts and ideas. Marami akong tanong na hinahanapan ko ng sagot pero hindi ko alam kung saan at kung sino ang pwede kong tanungin.

Finally, the time has comes for me to open my online stock broker account with COL financial and start participating in the stock market.

Ang COL Financial, Citiseconline pa ang name niyan dati.

I made my first stock market transaction.

I bought shares of a company that has an IPO. I also sold those stocks at same the same day. Note: IPO is initial public offering. This is a process where the company becomes available for trading in the stock market for the first time. I earned 1K on the that day.

Ang saya! Akala ko ang galing ko na.

Few months down the road, reality hits me.

I am losing thousands in the stock market. My portfolio goes red. I hit the panic button before I lost everything. I withdraw my money and kiss stock market goodbye.

I promise myself never to touch stock market again.

Ayoko na!

The Twist in the Story

God is good!

Somewhere along the way, I met a mentor who opened my eyes about stocks. I realized how my investment strategy was doomed to fail. It was like swimming upstream against a strong raging water.

Kaya pala. Talo talaga!

I did it all wrong.

(Note: I shared those lessons I learned in the stock market tutorial. Just enter your name and email to start your FREE stock market tutorial today.)

Then, I made some changes in my investment strategy. I was able to earn back all the money I initially lose many times over.

Today, I am enjoying a total accumulated earnings of 60% of my total capital for the past 4 years. If all goes well as planned, I’ll be hitting my 7-figure milestone in my stock portfolio in the next 4 to 6 years.


So How Can I Help You?

I’ve been into the stock market long enough to experience the market ups and down of the market. The investing strategy I am using have survived through market ups and down. My 6-figure stock portfolio have even thrived.

Since 2011, I have already accumulated earnings of about 90% of my total capital despite of the ups and down in the market.

I created this tutorial to share those things I have learned so that you too can start earning from the stock market.


Is Stock Market Risky?

Yes. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can lost a lot of money. But the more you understand how it works and the more you stick to the investment system that works, the better is your chance.


Will I Need Money to Invest in Stock Market?

Definitely, you need reasonable extra capital for investing. I don’t suggest at all that you invest in stocks with borrowed money. But you don’t need millions.

You need reasonable amount to set aside to invest in a long term. This money should not be touched at all. Consider it a retirement fund that you will only withdraw once you retire.


Will It Take a Lot of My Time Monitoring my Stock Portfolio?

Time is a precious commodity. Money can be earned but time lost is lost forever.

You might have a notion that people who invest in stocks are glued in their computer. They never sleep. It took me about 15 to 20 minutes per month (yes, per month and it is not a typographical error) to run my own stock portfolio.


Will I Get Rich in 30 Days?

Big NO. Stock market returns needs to accumulate through time.

We could say that in the next 10 to 15 years depending on your capital and depending on the market performance, you can break your first million if you use our stock market strategy.

Of course, no one can guarantee. This is just an estimate.


So What is the Next Step?

I invite you to join the stock market tutorial and download my FREE book. Just enter your name and email and start receiving your FREE stock market email tutorial today.

Then apply the lessons and start your own stock market journey.

Enjoy the ride. Happy Investing!